- Safari recommended
1) Tap the "Share icon"
2) Tap "Bookmark"
3) Tap "Save"
4) Select desired options
5) Hit "Submit"
6) Copy the WHOLE page to clipboard (long press > select all > copy)
7) Tap Safari's "Bookmarks" icon
8) Tap "Edit", then tap "IITC mobile web"
9) Erase everything from the URL address box and replace it with clipboard contents
10) Go to and tap on the bookmark as soon as possible!
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Test build
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Category: Portal InfoEnhanced information on the selected portal
Show linked portals34.1%show-linked-portals
Try to show the linked portals (image, name and link direction) in portal detail view and jump to linked portal on click. Some details may not be available if the linked portal is not in the current view.
reso energy pct in portal detail25.8%reso-energy-pct-in-portal-detail
Show resonator energy percentage on resonator energy bar in portal detail panel.
Category: InfoDisplay additional information
show list of portals35.2%portals-list
Display a sortable list of all visible portals with full details about the team, resonators, links, etc.
guess player level31.3%guess-player-levels
Try to determine player levels from the data available in the current view.
Show total counts of portals24.8%portal-counts
Display a list of all localized portals by level and faction.
Compute AP statistics18.6%compute-ap-stats
Displays the per-team AP gains available in the current view.
Show farms by level16%layer-farms-find
Find farms by minimum level.
show a localized scoreboard.12.7%scoreboard
Display a scoreboard about all visible portals with statistics about both teams,like average portal level,link & field counts etc.
Show scoreboard cycle/checkpoint times7.4%score-cycle-times
Show the times used for the septicycle and checkpoints for regional scoreboards.
Layer count3.8%layer-count
Allow users to count nested fields
Category: KeysManual key management
Allow manual entry of key counts for each portal. Use the 'keys-on-map' plugin to show the numbers on the map, and 'sync' to share between multiple browsers or desktop/mobile.
Keys on map13.3%keys-on-map
Show the manually entered key counts from the 'keys' plugin on the map.
Category: ControlsMap controls/widgets
Bookmarks for maps and portals15.5%bookmarks-by-zaso
Save your favorite Maps and Portals and move the intel map with a click. Works with sync.
scale bar10.1%scale-bar
Show scale bar on the map.
zoom slider7.6%zoom-slider
Show a zoom slider on the map instead of the zoom buttons.
pan control5.8%pan-control
Show a panning control on the map.
Mini map5.1%minimap
Show a mini map on the corner of the map.
Category: HighlighterPortal highlighters
show portal weakness27.4%show-portal-weakness
Use the fill color of the portals to denote if the portal is weak. Stronger red indicates recharge required, missing resonators, or both.
Inactive portals. Hightlight unclaimed portals with no recent activity15.4%portal-highlighter-forgotten
Use the portal fill color to denote if the portal is unclaimed with no recent activity. Shades of red from one week to one month, then tinted to purple for longer. May also highlight captured portals that are stuck and fail to decay every 24 hours.
hightlight portals that need recharging12.4%portal-highlighter-needs-recharge
Use the portal fill color to denote if the portal needs recharging and how much. Yellow: above 85%. Orange: above 50%. Red: above 15%. Magenta: below 15%.
highlight portals missing resonators10.3%portal-highlighter-missing-resonators
Use the portal fill color to denote if the portal is missing resonators.
highlight portals by level color9.7%portal-highlighter-level-color
Use the portal fill color to denote the portal level by using the game level colors.
Hide portal ownership5.7%portal-highlighter-hide-team
Show all portals as neutral, as if uncaptured. Great for creating plans.
highlight portals by my level4.3%portal-highlighter-portals-my-level
Use the portal fill color to denote if the portal is either at and above, or at and below your level.
highlight high level portals4.2%portal-highlighter-high-level
Use the portal fill color to denote high level portals: Purple L8, Red L7, Orange L6
highlight portals with infrastructure problems3%portal-highlighter-infrastructure
Use the portal fill color to denote if the portal has any infrastructure problems. Red: no picture. Yellow: potential title issue. Orange: both of these.
highlight portals with ornaments0.9%portal-highlighter-ornaments
Use the portal fill color to denote portals with additional 'ornament' markers. e.g. Anomaly portals
Category: LayerAdditional map layers
Player tracker59%player-tracker
Draw trails for the path a user took onto the map based on status messages in COMMs. Uses up to three hours of data. Does not request chat data on its own, even if that would be useful.
draw tools42%draw-tools
Allow drawing things onto the current map so you may plan your next move.
Portal Level Numbers34.9%portal-level-numbers
Show portal level numbers on map.
Calculate how to link the portals to create a reasonably tidy set of links/fields. Enable from the layer chooser. (Max Links is a poor name, but remains for historical reasons.)
Calculate how to link the portals to create the largest tidy set of nested fields. Enable from the layer chooser.
Portal Names9.8%portal-names
Show portal names on the map.
EXPERIMENTAL: Checks for existing links that cross planned links. Requires draw-tools plugin.
Show the local score regions6.6%regions
Show the local scoring regions on the map. No actual scores - just the region areas.
Shows the maximum range of attack by the portals.
overlay KML3.1%add-kml
Allow users to overlay their own KML / GPX files on top of IITC.
Category: Map TilesAlternative map layers map tiles5.2%basemap-openstreetmap
Add the native map tiles as an optional layer.
Blank map3.1%basemap-blank
Add a blank map layer - no roads or other features. map tiles2.6%basemap-opencyclemap
Add the map tiles as an optional layer.
Gray Google Roads2.6%basemap-gmaps-gray
Add a simplified gray Version of Google map tiles as an optional layer.
Yandex maps2%basemap-yandex
Add (Russian/Русский) map layers
Bing maps1.3%basemap-bing
Add the map layers.
MapQuest Open Satellite view (US Only)1.1%basemap-mapquest-open-aerial
Add the MapQuest Open Aerial satellite view tiles as a map layer. High detail in the US (lower 48) only.
Map layers from stamen.com1.1%basemap-stamen
Add the 'Toner' and 'Watercolor' map layers from
Nokia OVI maps1%basemap-nokia-ovi
Add various map layers from Nokia OVI Maps.
Category: TweaksAdjust IITC settings
Show more portals28.6%show-more-portals
Boost the detail level of portals shown so that unclaimed portals are visible when normally L1+ portals would be shown. Recent protocol changes by Niantic means this no longer sends more requests than the standard intel site, and can mean fewer requests.
Show the direction of links on the map by adding short dashes to the line at the origin portal.
force https access for
Force https access for If the intel site is accessed via http, it redirects to the https version.
Periodic refresh5.1%periodic-refresh
For use for unattended display screens only, this plugin causes idle mode to be left once per hour.
Default intel detail level2%default-intel-detail
Use the portal level detail levels from the standard intel site. By default, IITC shows less detail when zoomed out, as this is enough for general use, is more friendly to the niantic servers, and loads much faster. This plugin restores the default zoom level to portal level mapping. Note: using this plugin causes a larger number of requests to the intel server, and at high resolutions can cause excessive requests to be made (yes: the default intel site also has this problem!), so it is not recommended except for low resolution screens.
Use Canvas rendering1.3%canvas-render
EXPERIMENTAL: use canvas-based rendering. Can be faster when viewing dense areas. Limited testing of the feature so far
Show less portals when zoomed out1%show-less-portals-zoomed-out
Vastly reduce the detail level when zoomed out to level 11 or less (L4+ portals), to significantly reduce data usage when viewing large areas.
Fix Google Map offsets in China0.8%fix-googlemap-china-offset
Show correct Google Map for China user by applying offset tweaks.
Category: MiscUnclassified plugins
Sync data between clients via Google Realtime API. Only syncs data from specific plugins (currently: Keys, Bookmarks). Sign in via the 'Sync' link.
Check for updates6%update-check
**WORK IN PROGRESS** Check for updates for IITC and plugins against Can also report status messages for known IITC issues.
Privacy view on Intel6%privacy-view
Hide info from intel which shouldn't leak to players of the other faction.
Allow manual entry of portals visited/captured. Use the 'highlighter-uniques' plugin to show the uniques on the map, and 'sync' to share between multiple browsers or desktop/mobile. It will try and guess which portals you have captured from COMM/portal details, but this will not catch every case.
Allow speech input for location search (webkit only for now - NOT Firefox).
Category: Debug
Debug: Raw portal JSON data1.6%debug-raw-portal-data
Developer debugging aid: Add a link to the portal details to show the raw data of a portal.